To Hatch Lottery

Social Enterprise

To Hatch is an social enterprise organisation which offers support and advice to women who are struggling to conceive. With close links to fertility treatment clinics throughout the UK, they provide information and a supportive community for those affected by fertility issues. They approached us asking for an identity for the To Hatch Lottery, which offers participants a chance to receive £25,000 worth of fertility treatment.

With the subject material being obviously sensitive, we knew it would be inappropriate to create a logo that was too playful or gimmicky. We were keen to tread the balance between a restrained and mature logo, but still design something visually appealing and memorable. With this in mind we came up with a simple and flexible icon which referenced eggs and fertilisation in a symbolic and non-clichéd way, with a bold yet soft colour scheme hinting towards femininity without becoming overly girly or cute.