Angalossy + Angalossy Media

Online social media magazine


Angalossy is an upbeat online multimedia magazine. Using a team of award-winning contributors and guest editors, Angalossy encourages and fosters global awareness, urging its readers to create a better and brighter future for themselves and others. With this in mind design a new brand identity for Angalossy which would rival the likes of Monocle and Another Magazine.


We wanted to create a timeless identity which doesn’t at any point distract from the online content. The simple usage of typography reinforces elegance and style with it’s uniqueness. The brand mark developed is an abstraction of both the letter A, and an open magazine. The clean and simple use of strong imagery on the website layout is a powerful demonstration of impact.

Client feedback:

“Tom and Phil are able to understand requirements quickly, and relay concepts clearly. Easy to work with and produce work on time.”

Michelle Morton-Banks
Founder, Angalossy Media