Found, Beautiful

Fashion blog


Adele Mitchell is a fashion blogger with a huge amount of experience in fashion and beauty journalism, styling and copy-writing. She asked us to create an identity and blog to be used as a platform for her writing which would both reflect her personality and work as a blank canvas for the beauty and fashion focused content.


The identity needed to do a number of different things. Be beautiful and elegant without being too girly or cute. Bohemian and quirky whilst still maintaining an element of seriousness. Contemporary and sleek yet still classic and timeless. We created a beautiful but restrained type treatment sitting alongside a simple icon to which we added accents of deep pink and purple. The result is an eye-catching and sophisticated logo which is flexible and iconic. The future plans for the brand extend into a number of different directions, one of which is beauty products. As a possible extension of the brand we designed a pattern to be used in print across products to give instant brand recognition.


Client feedback:
“I am overwhelmed by the wonderfully glamourous design that Phil and Tom of design agency Mat Dolphin have so kindly created for me. I provided them with a brief that managed to be convey nothing more than that I am away with the fairies they demonstrated supreme levels of creativity, patience and professionalism.

They have both been fab to work with and am so pleased with the results.”

Adele Mitchell
Found, Beautiful