Five Things 007

October 1st, 2010 by Mat Dolphin

It’s that time again… Five creative and inspiring things that we’ve seen this week. Ready…steady….GO!

First up is the quite incredible work from Dentsu for the launch of Canon’s PIXMA colour printer range. The work in collaboration with biochemist/photographer, Linden Gledhill features surreal ‘sound sculptures’ made of dancing droplets of paint captured in extreme detail as they react to sound waves.

The project is being rolled out as a print campaign, and also features in this short film:

Next up is the new Forsman & Bodenfors’ Ikea baking book making ingredients into works of art. Good enough to eat hah? A really interesting execution and one we’re sure will be copied.

You can see more here.

This week Chiquita Bananas unveiled the 18 winners in their sticker design contest. The beloved banana company asked customers to help them redesign the iconic Chiquita banana sticker in a contest in June. Some great designs and nice to see the brand exploring the idea of interaction with their audience.

We also stumbled upon this rather intriguing site =

It’s a simple idea. People recreate their childhood photos, to amusing effect. Make sure you check them all out…

And lastly, and well timed seeing as this is part 007 of our Five Things series, Lotus has unveiled their new Esprit design this week at the Paris Auto Show. The new model comes 33 years after an earlier model famously made an underwater appearance in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

With hints of Lamborghini in the styling, it’s a great piece of design.

Thanks for reading. If you see anything you like and feel is worth sharing, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to get in touch.

Until the next time.


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