More socks?

December 7th, 2010 by Mat Dolphin

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start planning that panic-stricken trawl around over-crowded shops to buy your loved ones that novelty toothbrush holder you suspect they’ve probably always wanted. Maybe.

Being the caring and sharing types we are here at Mat Dolphin, we thought we’d lend you a helping hand by giving you a few ideas for gift ideas for the ever difficult to please designer in your life. Every designer loves a beautifully produced book and we’ve scoured the bookshelves to find the best of the bunch in design literature.

For the Graphic Design lover:

Designers love looking at great design and this book is packed with it. Designers Identities by Liz Farrelly looks at designers answering the most difficult brief of all: creating their own corporate identity. It might be all very well coming up with a brand for your latest client, but the logos, stationery, collateral and websites designers have created for themselves is a fascinating and often overlooked area.

For the Typography lover

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts is just that – A book dealing with typefaces and fonts in a way that is as appealing to those initiated into the mystical world of type geeks as it is to those with the most vague passing interest in typography. Simon Garfield has covered such topics as the ever growing Ban Comic Sans movement, the controversy over big brands using ’sub-standard’ fonts and a chapter titled The Worst Fonts in the World. Essential reading for the lettering lover in your life.

Written by Simon Garfield

For the Photography lover

Also one for the music lover, Joy Division by Kevin Cummings collects 200 photographs of the band throughout their career. Showing many different sides of the band from backstage introspection to explosive live energy, to book also displays rare memorabilia including unreleased record sleeves, concert tickets and flyers. Beautifully presented, the book is both a showcase of great photography and a record of a legendary band.

Photography by Kevin Cummins

For the Furniture Design lover

For many furniture and industrial design enthusiasts, there is one name that stands head and shoulders above all other – Eames. The Story of Eames Furniture by Marilyn and John Neuhart is a definitive guide to the careers of the husband and wife team. Showcasing their work alongside a great deal of behind the scenes information. A great resource for those well versed in the history of Eames and a great introduction for those who are yet to discover their legacy.

For the Editorial Design lover

A world away from glossy, expensive magazines is the DIY world of Fanzines. This book by Teal Triggs charts the 60 year history of homemade fanzines and explains how their distribution through underground networks could be considered the predecessor to todays worldwide blogging culture. Mining the depths of private collections, Triggs looks at the most obscure examples which cover topics ranging from sport, music, politics and art.

Written by @tealtweets

For the London lover

One for all the design nerds based in our beautiful capital. The 2010 London Design Guide by Max Fraser will point you in the right direction for all the most inspiring shops, galleries, exhibitions and institutions. If your recipient of choice is the type who likes to get out and about, this guide will be an invaluable resource for design-related goodness in the Big Smoke.

Written by @maxfraserdesign

For the creative type who likes Everything.

Another year, another D&AD Annual. The benchmark for design and advertising, this annual is another stunning showcase for the best and most forward thinking to have been produced in the last 12 months. The cover design (always a hotly debated subject) has been handled this year by British Artists Bob & Roberta Smith. One interesting addition to this book is the spoken word intro which plays a small audio introduction from the artists when the front cover of the book is opened. I’m sure that won’t get annoying. As ever, the book is packed with incredible examples of design, advertising and general creative thinking across a number of disciplines. A must have.

Produced by @dandad
Published by @TASCHENBooks

Unfortunately we haven’t got a fireplace here at Dolphin Towers but if anyone would like to send us any of the above or simply drop us a note to say hi, you know where we are.

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  1. You wicked, wicked boys.

    My wish list has just grown!

    Comment by Ryan Dixon — December 7th, 2010 @ 1:09 pm |
  2. Ha. Glad you liked them Ryan. Happy early Christmas!

    Comment by Mat Dolphin — December 8th, 2010 @ 1:16 pm |

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