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February 8th, 2011 by Mat Dolphin

Being the kind, sharing types we are, we thought it was only right to shine the spotlight on a few other design blogs out there. We regularly stumble across new blogs and thought it would be an idea to share some of the best ones with you. We’ve catagorised them by discipline but most of them tend to cover a wide range of topics so you’re bound to find something of interest. By no means a defintive list, the sites we’ve listed below should at the very least be a good starting point. Get bookmarking!


Drawn is a Californian blog which showcases new illustration from around the world. The posts which come from a group of seven illustrators and designers cover a multitude illustration styles meaning there’s always something interesting and varied to look at. The site has been going since 2005 and all of the archives are available to view so there’s plenty to see.

Drawn on Twitter.


If identity and branding is your thing then Brand New is the place to check out. Starting out as a division of the design website Under Consideration, Brand New gained popularity and even spawned it’s own live conference event, not many specialist design blogs can say that. The sites main purpose is to showcase newly unveiled re-brands and then watch the inevitable debates unfold in the comments section. Always an interesting read.

Under Consideration on Twitter.


Like type? The pick of the bunch for me is Ministry of Type. Regularly updated, well written and covering a broad range of topics, the blog is the creation of Aegir Hallmundur. A designer with a passion for lettering based in Brighton, UK. Aegir has a great eye for design and often manages to dig out obscure or forgotten examples of typefaces, logos, posters, books and and print. There are also plenty of examples of the author lovingly hand tracing and recreating original designs he’s unearthed . A fascinating resource for all things typography and clearly a labour of love.

Ministry of Type on Twitter.


If you fancy a peek into the mysterious world of advertising, Wieden + Kennedy London allow you an access all areas pass with Welcome To Optimism, the blog records the daily behind-the-scenes goings on at one of the most interesting and forward thinking advertising agencies around. Covering everything from the planning involved in some of the countries biggest ad campaigns to office banter and rants on the naming of the local fish & chip shop, the blog gives a refreshing glimpse into what life is like behind the scenes at W+K.

Welcome to Optimism on Twitter.

Being the nerds we are, we’re always findng new blogs so expect more of the above soon. If you write, or have discovered a blog you think might be of interest, fell free to get in touch and share the love.

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