Ten Questions 024 – Jon Burgerman

February 1st, 2012 by Mat Dolphin

Jon Burgerman is a multidisciplinarian artist and illustrator who has created a unique, distinctive style of his own. Often working on a large scale, his loose, colourful creations are instantly recognisable and have graced all manner of client commissions, personal work and solo gallery shows around the world. Alongside drawing on stuff he lectures at a number of universities and produces lots of lovely things for you lucky people to spend your money on in his excellent shop – in need of an laptop sleeve, pillow or pair of socks? Get them all and much, much more at Burgerplex.

Mr. Burgerman kindly agreed to be the first Ten Questions participant of 2012 and we’re very happy to get him involved in the series. Read on for plenty of random ramblings, beautiful doodles and a glimpse inside the mans mind – it’s an interesting place to be.

1. How do you describe what you do?
I make stuff, sometimes it’s art and sometimes it’s salad.

2. What made you want to do what you do?
A desire not to be bored and to stay busy. Also, it’s the only thing I can actually do.

3. How would you describe your workplace?
A cosy little pocket in the jacket of a sleeping mole.

4. What is your favourite colour?
Mustard Yellow

5. Who is your favourite artist or writer?
Kurt Vonnegut
is both.

6. What was your previous job?
Graphic designer for a packaging company about 10 years ago. Before that I was just a student layabout.

7. Do you work within a team? If so, how many people do you work with?
I fly this plane solo. I have to do the emergency procedure mime to myself in the bathroom mirror.

8. Do you listen to music whilst working? If so, what do you listen to?
Yes, lots. From dubstep to dancehall, from bossanova to blues… etc

9. Who inspires you to do what you’re doing?
Other, better, younger, more talented artists.

10. Which advice has helped you the most?
Just do what you’re most happy with. Don’t try and please other people, you’ll always end up unhappy and second guessing yourself that way.

We hope you’ll agree that’s a pretty good start for the first Ten Questions of the year! As ever, huge thanks to the one and only Jon Burgerman for taking the time out to answer our questions – you can see more of his work here, read his brilliant blog here, buy things he’s doodled all over here and follow his randomness on Twitter here.

Thanks to you each and every one of you who reads this stuff, there’s plenty more goodness on the way.

All the best


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